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Contractor List

"Daigh" has worked for or sold product to:

Bechtel Saic- Los Alamos Labs, Yucca Mountain Project: Trimming rock for site testing

Bluewater Constructors, Greenville, MS: Gas compressor demo foundation demo inside building

Carolina Power and Light, Marshall, NC: Cutting two 18 ft slots, 45 ft tall in 22 ft thick powerhouse wall for insertion of new turbines

Cutting Edge Technologies, Ames Iowa: Fracturing nuclear machinery pedestal

H B Zachry, Russellville, AL: Rock excavation at new gas fired powerplant

Holder Construction, Manassas, VA: Breaking rock inside building footprint

J B Jones Drilling, Atlanta, GA: Breaking down 25 ft boulders

J F Shea, Richmond VA: Rock breaking in shaft and tights in tunnel

Kenny Construction, Los Angeles, CA: Trimming bulge in shaft

Los Alamos Labs, Los Alamos NM: Fracturing rock in power pole holes

MAH, Meridith NH: Rock removal in roadway

PDK, Cranston, RI: Trimming retaining wall for new caisson placement

Phillips & Jordan, Ashville NC: Landfill rock excavation

PowerPlant Constructors, Rome, Georgia: Rock scaling of cliff at pumped storage site

Schiavone Construction, Jersey City, NJ: Trimming slurry wall for beam insertion

Slattery Construction, Boston, MA: Big Dig tunnel jacking project, Fracturing frozen granite sea wall that road headers could not excavate.

Sloan Construction, Pine Log GA: Rock removal in RR right of way

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