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Environmentally friendly
No Toxic Gas
No Harmful Substances
Dā-mite® provides the most technically suitable and cost-effective solution in restricted demolition of rock and concrete structures where nearby structures must be protected from shock waves generated by explosives. Explosives are expensive due to long operating times, special transport, storage and handling precautions, and the need to comply with public safety regulations.

To meet every client’s need, Da-mite comes in four grades of product that are specifically designed to meet the various drilled hole sizes and temperature grades in the rock.

Who can use Dā-mite®? Anyone in any situation, because Dā-mite® is perfectly safe, soundless and non-hazardous. It does not leave debris or dust, nor does it form gas or cause any shock waves.

Unskilled labor can be easily trained to use Dā-mite® in a short period of time, since there is no permit required to use it.

Benefits of using Dā-mite®
 Eliminates noise, fly rock and vibration potential caused by blasting or heavy mechanical means
 Increases productivity of mechanical demolition equipment
 Controls cracking
 Minimizes risk in high exposure situations such as rock or concrete excavation adjacent to hot rail lines or near sensitive fiber optic cables or controls
 Works underwater in difficult conditions
 Saves time in shutdown conditions
 Eases removal where impact force is limited by specifications
 Makes removal in confined spaces easier
 Accelerates removal time once fracturing occurs
 Requires no licensing or storage security
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