When a job has No Blasting specifications...
use Dā-mite®, the alternative to blasting and breakers.
An ideal, effective, non-explosive, solution for
demolition of rock and concrete.
Reinforced concrete can be easily split
and fractured, speeding its removal.
Mass rock can be drilled with holes up to 3" in diameter
cutting drilling costs and speeding excavation.

Rock Splitting Mortar is what the Daigh Company is all about.

Established in 1999, the Daigh Company provides Dā-mite® rock splitting mortar for the demolition and fracturing of rock and concrete. Dā-mite® is an alternative to explosives and breakers in sensitive areas where "no-blast" conditions and complications from vibration, noise and flyrock is a concern or prohibited. When you need to break, fracture, split rock or perform concrete demolition, Dā-mite® Rock Splitting Mortar is the Ideal Solution. Dā-mite® is silent, creates no vibration and requires no licensing or permits to use. Dā-mite® is versatile enough to be used in drilled diameter holes from less than 1" up to 3". This flexibility allows Dā-mite® to be tailored to any size project by small contractors up to large construction contractors.
25 years in business
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Job Stories

All the power you need to get the job done

Daigh insures that your project will be handled professionally with the best personnel and equipment available. Dā-mite® has been used in rock cuts up to 50+ feet! Ideal applications include and projects include:

Boulders, Trench Rock, Mass Rock, Tunnels, Bridges, High Wall Scaling, Dams, Demolition of Concrete (reinforced and unreinforced) and Dimensional Stone.
Some major projects include:
Airport Construction
Boulders and Mass Rock Formations
Chemical Plants
Hydroelectric Plants
Machinery Foundations
Road Construction
Scaling of High Walls
Trench Rock

Dā-mite® is simple and easy to use

Box of Da-miteDā-mite® is packaged in a 44lb (20kg) box which contains four 11lb (5kg) bags. Dā-mite® is available in four different grades, depending on the temperature of the rock/concrete to be fractured and removed.

Dā-mite® Rock Splitting Mortar is simple and easy to use. Daigh can provide recommended drill patterns and drill depths to accommodate your rock/concrete situation. Drill predetermined holes, mix Dā-mite® with the proper amount of water and pour into your drilled holes. Dā-mite® will set and expand with enough force and compressive strength to break the rock or concrete.

Safety Precautions: You must read SDS, Safety Warning Sheet, Mixing Instructions and Data Sheet before using Dā-mite®.

Daigh Company must be consulted if drilling hole diameters 2" or larger due to the increased potential risk of a "blow-out".
Know the temperature of the rock and the proper hole size for your specific application before using Dā-mite®.
Mixing step 1

Drill predetermined holes

Daigh can provide recommended drill patterns and drill depths.

Mixing step 2

Add Dā-mite®

Make sure bucket is clean. Add 1 bag of Dā-mite® (5kg/11 lb bag)
3-4 bags will fit in a 5 gallon pail.

Mixing step 3

Add water

Add 1½ US Quarts of Clean Water per Bag. If mixing on a hot day, chill water with ice before adding water.

Mixing step 4


With a paddle mixer about 20-30 seconds, until "soupy"/all the lumps are gone. If mixture is too thick (unpourable) add a very small amount of water. A little goes a long way.

Mixing step 5

Pour into drilled holes

Pour Dā-mite® into drilled holes to within 6 inches of the top of the hole. Do not look into loaded holes until cracking appears.

Purchase Dā-mite<br>tel: 770-886-4711

Dā-mite® Applications

Rock    Concrete    Reinforced Concrete

Dimensional Stone
Foundation Work
High Wall Scaling
Mass Rock
Trench Rock

Benefits of using Dā-mite®

  • Eliminates noise, fly rock and vibration potential caused by blasting or heavy mechanical means
  • Increases productivity of mechanical demolition equipment
  • Controls cracking
  • Minimizes risk in high exposure situations such as rock or concrete excavation adjacent to hot rail lines or near sensitive fiber optic cables or controls
  • Works in water/underwater in difficult conditions (consult with Daigh for proper usage in wet conditions)
  • Saves time in shutdown conditions
  • Eases removal where impact force is limited by specifications
  • Makes removal in confined spaces easier
  • Accelerates removal time once fracturing occurs