Concrete Drill Patterns

Safety Precautions: You must read SDS, Safety Warning Sheet, Mixing Instructions and Data Sheet before using Dā-mite®.

Daigh Company must be consulted if drilling hole diameters 2" or larger due to the increased potential risk of a "blow-out".
Concrete Drill Pattern
Concrete Drill Pattern (no rebar or steel)
Hole Diameter 1½"-1¾"
Space 1'4"-2'

When vertical drilling is difficult, drill horizontal holes with some slope.
Reinforced Concrete Drill Pattern
Reinforced Concrete Drill Pattern
Hole Diameter 1⅜"
Space 8"-10"

Hole Diameter 1½" - 1¾"
Space 1'-1'4"

If removal is by hand, consider grid that makes drilling through rebar easiest. Since most rebar is placed on 6" increments, hole pattern should reflect this. Best is usually 1 foot centers. Drill starter hole in concrete 6 to 8" in from edge, once you establish rebar location, lay out holes in increments to miss rebar. Much more effective than laying out a pattern, having driller hit steel and then compensating for rebar.

Hole diameter and spacing depend on both quality and shape of the reinforced steel.
Mass Concrete
Mass Concrete
Bridge Pier and Foundation etc.
Pile Foundation
Pile Foundation