Dā-mite® Job Stories

Mass Rock

Safety Precautions: You must read SDS, Safety Warning Sheet, Mixing Instructions and Data Sheet before using Dā-mite®.

Daigh Company must be consulted if drilling hole diameters 2" or larger due to the increased potential risk of a "blow-out".
Mass Rock Excavation Foundation
Mass Rock Excavation Foundation: Mass Rock/Outcropping: Rock: Pegmatite, Holes drilled: 1⅞" diameter holes, depth 8-10' deep, Problem: impact hammers would not break the rock. Explosives could not be used due to confined space.
Basement Excavation Nashville, TN
Basement Excavation Nashville, TN: Limestone: Area was roughly 42'x55' with 5ft of rock to be excavated. Site contractor had used 5000# hammer for 40 hours and got 1.5 ft deep in a 30x5ft wide area.