Dā-mite® Mixing

Safety Precautions: You must read SDS, Safety Warning Sheet, Mixing Instructions and Data Sheet before using Dā-mite®.

Daigh Company must be consulted if drilling hole diameters 2" or larger due to the increased potential risk of a "blow-out".
Items recommended for use in mixing:
Mixer Drill
Mixer Paddle
Clean 5-gallon Pails
Measuring container for water
Storage Bin for water
Clean Cold Water

Always use proper safety equipment when using Dā-mite®!
Before Mixing: Make sure all holes are drilled to specified/recommended diameter, depth and hole spacing. Make sure all holes are clean of drill dust, dirt, etc. and are free of water. Contact Daigh Company for "wet" hole application.

Mixing step 1

Step 1: Drill predetermined holes. Daigh can provide recommended drill patterns and drill depths.
Mixing step 2

Step 2: In a clean bucket or pail, add 1-bag Dā-mite®. You may add/mix more than one bag at a time, but you must use precise water quantities:

Ratio is 1½ US quarts of Water to 1 11lb/5kg Bag of Dā-mite®.
Mixing step 3

Step 3: In a clean bucket, add 1½ US Quarts of Clean, Cold (<55°F) Tap Water per bag of Dā-mite®. Be precise with water measurements. "A little goes a long way". Once the water is added, you must immediately proceed to step 4. Never let Dā-mite® sit in a bucket with water, whether it has been mixed or not. If mixing on a hot day, chill water with ice before mixing.
Mixing step 4

Step 4: With a Mixer Paddle, mix Dā-mite® for 20-30 seconds, or until pourable and all lumps are gone. Sometimes very small amounts of additional water are needed to mix the Dā-mite®.

Make sure the mixer paddle is completely immersed in the mix and you "clean" the walls and the bottom of the bucket to make sure you mix all the Dā-mite®. Dā-mite® can stick to the bucket.
Mixing step 5 Step 5: Pour Dā-mite® into clean/dry predrilled holes within 2-3 minutes of mixing. Pour to within 4"-6" of top of hole.

Do not overfill holes - this increases a chance of a blowout. If you do not fill a hole completely, you may finish filling the hole within a 2-3 minute time frame or continue on to empty holes. Do NOT look or stand over loaded holes. Do not poke holes. Do not pack holes. After pouring, clean the bucket. Repeat steps 2-4 if necessary. Always pour holes in a manner that prevents you from having to walk back across loaded holes.
After loading Dā-mite®, cover loaded holes with suspended tarps or heavy matting and keep personnel away from the area. Do not look into loaded holes for 5-6 hours as a precaution, there is a possibility of a blowout. After product is spent, the residue is hydrated lime.
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